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Discover our digital library of helpful tools and resources for preventing milk supply issues, easing exhaustion, breastfeeding comfortably, and navigating your return to work or school.

Breastfeeding answers at your fingertips.

For a limited time, get access to our complete Breastfeeding Rescue Toolbox digital library for just $22 (that’s less than the cost of 1 can of most infant formulas!)

✓  Includes our four bestselling breastfeeding tools–the Common Problems Support Kit, the Breastfeeding Starter Kit, the Back-to-Work Starter Kit, and the Dairy-Free Breastfeeding Starter Kit.

✓ Also includes a Resource Navigation Guide so you know exactly where in the toolbox to find relevant answers to your most pressing concerns.

✓ Includes printable resources for monitoring milk supply, ensuring safe sleep, going back to work while pumping, and much more.

"Gabby, your resources were an absolute lifesaver when my daughter was born! I attempted to breastfeed my firstborn but was unsuccessful. When I had my second, I was determined to breastfeed but fell into the same struggles I encountered the first time. When I found your library, I felt like I was thrown a life raft! I went through each of the resources and started immediately implementing your tips. Within a week my supply had increased, my daughter was feeding better, and I quickly understood how to better handle the breastfeeding issues I was facing. You gave me the confidence I craved in my breastfeeding journey!"
Brianna O.
Breastfeeding Mom of 2

The Digital Breastfeeding Resource Library Designed to Boost Your Confidence


 Be confident in your milk supply, knowing you have the tools to maintain it or boost it if you need to.

✓ Feel relaxed about breastfeeding, because you know how to avoid the most common pitfalls.

 Quickly get to the bottom of feeding issues, so you can spend more time enjoying your baby.

 Focus on getting rest, because you got this breastfeeding thing down pat.

 Be the parent who can answer other moms’ questions, instead of wondering them yourself!

"I've made it to almost 13 months now and a huge part of that success is owed to you and the advice you have given me, as well as advice I've seen you give to others!!! And this was a NICU baby who I was forced to supplement with formula before they would discharge him, and I had to wean him off formula and onto the boob and my supply was low. Couldn't have done it without you!"
Rachel G.
Breastfeeding Mom

Hey there, I'm Gabby!

And I know what it's like to feel unsure of myself as a breastfeeding mom.

I remember feeling so uncertain when I began breastfeeding my first baby. Things weren’t a total disaster, but I made a lot of mistakes in the beginning that caused problems down the road–problems I could have easily avoided if I had the right information sooner. 

Those struggles motivated me to learn more, and now I’m an International Board Certified Lactation Consultant (IBCLC). Every day, moms come to me with the same issues and questions I once had: How do I increase my supply? Should I be supplementing? What can I do to help my sore nipples? I’m worried I won’t be able to breastfeed for much longer, and I could really use a nap. 

So I took my knowledge and training, condensed it, and created a breastfeeding resource that was a quick read without sacrificing accuracy. A resource that gets to the heart of common breastfeeding concerns so moms can stop worrying and start enjoying their baby.

"Gabby has done all the legwork for us tired mamas! She has sifted through the research and condensed it so we don't have to. Forget about reading dozens of books after baby is born. This is like a FAQ for all things breastfeeding! If you are a pregnant, new, or seasoned mama (or even a support person), this guide is a must-have. It will help you reach your breastfeeding goals by arming you with knowledge and confidence. Every mom needs it!"
Jennie S.
Breastfeeding Mama

Get the tools you need to prevent and manage common breastfeeding concerns.

For something so “natural,” breastfeeding doesn’t always come naturally.  And breastfeeding answers are too often buried in long books we don’t have time to read, or scattered across the internet in places we can’t find. 

That’s why the quick-read guides in our Toolbox are short and split into four distinct toolkits. Here are just a few of the many resources included in this amazing digital library:

Set Yourself Up for Success Guide
Signs of Getting Enough Cheat Sheet
Pre-baby Breastfeeding Prep Checklist
Printable Breastfeeding Log (& how to use it)
Support Tips for Partners, Friends & Family
Low Supply Support Guide
Sleep Resources for Breastfed Babies
Overlooked Causes of Reflux, Gas & Colic
Sore Nipples Cheat Sheet
Latching Guide & Assessment
Avoid Issues Caused by Pumping
Freezer Stash Secrets
How to Pace Feed A Bottle
6 Printable Pumping Signs
Tips to Boost Pump Output
Guide to Infant Stool
Before You Go Dairy Free Checklist
Milk Alternatives Comparison Sheet
12 (Easy) Dairy-Free Dinner Ideas
Food Sensitivity Symptoms Journal


"This is something I wish I had right from the beginning. Fortunately, I eventually stumbled upon your advice, and I was able to get a second opinion about my daughter's breastfeeding problems from a different doctor before we had serious issues. I probably would have struggled a lot longer if it wasn't for the information I learned from you. Thank you!!"
Mary T.
Mom of 2 Nurslings

Frequently Asked Questions

What's Included with the breastfeeding rescue toolbox?

The Breastfeeding Rescue Toolbox is packed with information breastfeeding moms need but too often don’t get. It’s broken down into four kits:

  • The Common Problems Support Kit is divided into two sections, one that focuses on feeding concerns and low supply, and another section that focuses on exhaustion and overwhelm. The Help Kit contains 10 guides, 3 cheat sheets, and 1 checklist. 

  • The Breastfeeding Starter Kit includes 5 guides geared towards those new to breastfeeding (including one with tips for partners/support people!), in addition to 2 printable checklists, a breastfeeding log, and a cheat sheet that helps you tell if baby is getting enough milk.
  • Most moms will go back to work or school at some point, and that can introduce some complications. That’s why the Back-to-Work Starter Kit includes 4 guides (including a guide to boosting milk output!), a preparation checklist, and 6 printable pumping signs to hang on your door when pumping at work. 
  • Did you know upwards of 15% of babies are sensitive to dairy proteins? That’s why the Dairy-Free Breastfeeding Starter Kit includes 1 guide, 3 cheat sheets, a printable food sensitivity symptoms journal, and a milk alternatives comparison sheet. 


For some lucky moms, breastfeeding is a breeze. But most of us experience setbacks at one point or another. For example, it’s not unusual for supply issues to pop up (especially 3-4 months postpartum!) or for things to change as baby ages.

Currently, less than 25% of moms in the United States exclusively breastfeed for the recommended 6 months (in the UK, that number is less than 3%!). This doesn’t mean breastfeeding is a lofty goal though! It just means moms need more information and support. Which is exactly why I created this toolbox. 

Is this toolbox really worth the cost?

Absolutely. Think about it: One can of powdered infant formula typically costs between $20 and $47, and that can will be empty in a matter of days.  

In most cases, the Breastfeeding Rescue Toolbox is actually going to cost less than it would cost to formula-feed for one week. 

But it’s not just about money: It’s about your sanity too. There are fewer things more frustrating than feeling like you’ve tried “all the things” only to have a problem remain. The Breastfeeding Rescue Toolbox is designed to prevent issues. If they appear, the toolbox has answers. And if those answers aren’t enough, you’ll know seeking in-person support will be a good idea.



So much! If I had to sum it up: You’ll learn tips to maintain and boost your milk supply, you’ll gain confidence in your ability to breastfeed, and most importantly, you’ll begin to recognize and avoid common “booby traps” that regularly sabotage breastfeeding. 

Can't I just ask my pediatrician OR MOM GROUP for breastfeeding help?

You could, but the truth is, most pediatricians don’t actually have lactation training or may have incomplete breastfeeding education

And it can be almost impossible for the providers who do have lactation training to squeeze in thorough breastfeeding education in a standard 20-minute well check once every couple months. 

While a mom group can be a great place to get information and support, depending on who runs the group and how well moderated it is, online support groups might not provide the accurate info you need.

It can be hard to tell if the advice you’re getting is evidence-based or simply culturally biased popular opinion. A lot of “tips” spread in some support groups can actually lower milk supply over time, cause breastfeeding issues, or make them worse. Support groups are important, but they need to be moderated and run well to be most effective.


Start with the Resource Navigation Guide. This contains a table of contents so you can see everything in the Toolbox at a glance. It then directs you to the resources that will be most helpful depending on your needs. If you’re in a hurry and want to get the most out of the guide in as little time as possible, there’s directions for that too!


Your toolbox is an instant download! No physical product will be mailed.

How do I access my download?

After you make your purchase, links to download your resources will automatically appear. You can download all resources at once through a .zip file, or you can download the resources you’re most interested in one at a time (in .pdf format). A copy of these download links will also be emailed to you.

The download link emailed to you will expire after a time, so be sure to download everything right away. If your emailed download link expires, simply shoot me an email via my “Contact Me” page on MomMakesJoy.com and I’ll happily resend you a fresh link.

WON'T THEY teach me what I need to know in the hospital?

Not all hospitals have lactation consultants on staff, and not all nurses on the Labor & Delivery floor have lactation training! And nurses who do might have only a limited amount. 

Plus, the kinds of issues that give most moms the biggest problems typically begin well after discharge from the hospital. If your hospital does have a lactation consultant on staff, there’s unfortunately a good chance that in your brief consultation she won’t be able to cover all the information that will help you be successful long term. 

Will this Toolbox keep me from needing to see a lactation consultant or needing formula?

This resource is NOT designed to be a substitute for in-person or professional healthcare advice

This guide will better equip you to ask the right questions. It can give you a sense of when seeking a second opinion from another professional might be a good idea. 

But some breastfeeding issues will require in-person and/or professional support, and some babies will need formula. That said, breastfeeding education can help lower your chances of experiencing issues that  necessitate formula or the need for professional care. 

Is this guide A quick-fix solution?

It might be! But probably not. Usually breastfeeding solutions–even the best ones–aren’t instantaneous. Some time and effort on your part will be required. 

What is your return policy?

While I am confident this guide contains useful, new information for breastfeeding parents, if you don’t learn anything new from this resource, I’ll refund 100% of your money within 14 days of your purchase. 

Who is this guide NOT for?

This guide is written to be a resource for normal mother-baby dyads in situations not complicated by health conditions, prematurity, or special circumstances. While many of the principles explained in this guide apply to everyone, some mothers will need to seek in-person support for more complicated issues. Again, this guide can give you a sense of what is “normal” and what might warrant special help. Always seek in-person support and consult your healthcare provider with concerns

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"The Breastfeeding Rescue Toolbox is an incredible asset to any mom choosing to breastfeed. Whether a new mom or veteran mom, this guide is an amazing tool. It's all the info you need in one place, and a quick read. No more frantic filtering through website after website for answers. The tips and information shared are spot on and in line with evidence-based best practices. I cannot recommend this resource enough!"
Alyssa D.
Veteran Mom of 5

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